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We, at Integral Home Health Care, Inc. are committed that individuals in need of skilled nursing care and other home health services should have access to such treatment at home unless there is a compelling medical/social reason prohibiting such care.

Care is provided without regard to race, creed, sex, age, national origin, or sexual orientation. Services are provided in compliance with all government standards and regulations that each person has the right to be informed of the services available to him/her and participates in planning of his/her own care.

Home Care Professionals You Can Depend On

Integral's professionals provide personalized quality care. Your physician and nurse will jointly develop an individualized plan of care to help you reach your goals and maintain your independence. Regular monitoring by INTEGRAL staff will ensure you a safe and speedy recovery. Your personal needs and the needs of your family are considered in order to make the home care experience more comfortable and pleasant for everyone involved.

The care you need is a call away. Home care is started within 24 hours of referral. All that's required is a call from your physician, a family member, social workers from the hospital or nursing home, and friends.

                                                   Quality Care

Integral is available to answer your questions or provide a home visit if warranted.



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